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PDC InFest

it finally happened – the most looked forward to concert (atleast as far as my “boys” were concerned!). having hashed all the details out everyday for as far back as i can remember (a couple of months – at the very least!!) the guys were very confident about how it would go. after all, the song list had been chosen, corrected, finalized, re-corrected and re-finalized…the venue had been examined. arguements about who would stand on which step had been had, i had put in my two bits about how “there should be no stage!” and it seemed like the “the red chaddis” (lol!) were all set to rock the campus!!

so what went wrong? well – for one, the “pdc” InFest it wasn’t the venue having been shifted at the last minute, the light wala had his issues, the machars (the non-human variety, of course) had unfortunately decided the football field was THE place to hang out, the moozeek society admin was supposedly PMSing and the band – well, wasn’t very “bonded” to say the very least – and as a result of all the above everyone went back wondering what happened to the “rocking” bit…

still – the boys did what they always do, they hashed the concert out – for days! and i am assuming that they learnt from their mistakes…after all, they are the future of the society, 8 of the best musicians at lums and very responsible adults (and in ammar freshie’s case, very smart ones!) btw, whats this i hear about locking up the music room and throwing away the key! doh!

anyway – some pics of the band (and “groupies”) from the day had been posted, but have been removed. will try and get them up soon in a photoblog đŸ˜€


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