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i’ve never had something die in front of me before. i never thought it would be that painful, or look that painful. the kitten naureen, tz and i had taken in died about half an hour ago. there wasn’t even enough time to take him to the vet, not that much could have been done as the vet’s own words “you can have him put down now” didn’t really leave much to hope for. 4-5 days ago, he was the liveliest kitten i ever saw, now he’s dead. i still can’t believe it i guess.
i’ve never felt worse in my entire life. i guess i also blame myself completely for what happened to him. he wouldn’t have died so young if only we’d done something sooner…
i’ve never felt worse in my entire life, a living being just died in front of my eyes. i’m to blame.


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kitty news

a couple of days ago, i think it was friday, me and some friends were hanging around the khokha after a pretty interesting amir alvi & KV concert. roaming around there was this extremely hyper kitten – about a month old – very friendly too. so we were just generally playing with him and stuff and soon he found some food and started gnawing away at a bone. also in the same area lives a full grown female cat and her two kittens. apparently, before i got there, the kitten had had one tiff with her over some thing and both had backed off.

so, we’re sitting there talking, and the full-grown cat starts coming towards the little kitten who’s still eating the bone – completely oblivious. i still can’t believe we didn’t drive her away sooner – dumb ibad and his “survival of the fittest” had us completely confused, i guess – but the short of the long is that the little kitten got ambushed from behind and is currently a patient in my room due to his injured spinal nerve.

so he can’t move his hind legs, which is extremely sad because this had to be the most active kitten i’ve ever seen. took him to th vet who says there’s still hope, there’s minor control over the legs. however, he’s not eating properly, and is drowsy from the medication. and truth be told, i believe the three of us – naureen, tz and i – might be too selfish to put him to sleep if it comes to that. i hope it doesn’t and that he gets better in the next couple of days like the vet said he would.

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every guy i’ve met from india tells me to go to the same website, i actually did end up visiting it – you can only take so much bugging can’t you? – and was amazed, not only by the music and writing, but by the simple fact that the women actually is, well, hot! so all my male friends might want to check out what the fuss is all about…

today – more correctly, yesterday – was a YAY! day…

i ended up staying another night – in the extremely cold, almost freezing, lab4. Also, lab1 now has new pc’s – YAY!! they don’t have sound cards yet so music freaks need not get excited. the freshie’s have communication skills final exam in another hour – YAY!! am over with that as well! emad and ahsan going to meet telenor and trisoft today with final proposals…YAY! got some prespective in life, have been rethinking some stuff, YAY! got to READ a book – fiction, completely not related to studies – after months, YAY! got to take a nap, double YAY!! the kitty shat, YAY! (more details soon!)

anyhoo, good day – nothing much accomplished..but fun!

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Mail In Your Secrets Today

You are invited to anonymously contribute your secrets to PostSecret. Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything – as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before.

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so my friends were driving around one day – 2 guys, 3 girls – when a corolla, with a lcd tv playing some pk movie songs, pulled up alongside them. inside it were your typical lahori men, 5 of them, middle-aged or so. anyway – it’s pretty obvious what was on their agenda so after some attempts at slowing down so that they’d get irritated and leave, these guys just shot past them. one of my friends, however, decided to leave a message and showed them the finger right as they went by…

this must’ve not made them very happy, coz they kept following these people around defence market, finally pulling alongside these people, put gun in their face and said “beta, ungal naheen dikhani chahyay” …

for a very much more interesting narration of the same story, contact emad nadim…

anyway, makes me wonder how many people in lahore carry a gun around on them, wonder how many people in lums do the same. would be pretty easy to get it past security. also, how safe is lums then? any car with a 10 rs. lums sticker can come in, no questions asked. which pretty much means, anyone who knows someone in lums can come in anytime. just some random thoughts…

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Things you should know about Australia

ok, you just have to check it out. i found it through a link on devrim’s blog – too funnny to miss..

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hehe – ever wonder how rich you are? well, the global richlist, gives you a pretty good idea.
have fun..

other stuff i learnt today:

– relativity is something einstein proved way back, no amount of argueing can prove it wrong
– ditto for gravity, though einstein didn’t prove this one – the guy with the apple did.. has a pretty fair chance of actually working
– something needs to be done about the mosquito’s in this place
– we need to have some fun in our last year

there was more – almost two hours of non-stop conversation between tz, naureen and i – but i’ve forgotten the rest…

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