unplugged – part 1

May 7, 2005 at 9:43 pm 1 comment

the music society is cursed with bad luck – first the “pdc” gig never happened, and now it seems like the “BOB” is destined to go the same way. anyway – the guys must have decided that some form of a show must go on, and so today was the first day in the two-day “unplugged at sayeed saigol” series.

would i say it was bad? no, i wouldn’t. i had fun, there were times when i wished i was in my comfortable bed instead, and yes – the heat made it quite unbearable, as did the rude crowd in the back that kept yelling insults every couple of songs. but the show definitely was well-worth the time spent on it.

however, i wonder how much of what i said above is a friend talking – someone who’s seen these guys working their behinds off, first for the BOB and then this gig. and a large reason why i actually enjoyed the evening was because almost everyone on stage was someone i knew. something i had in common with the 50 odd people that were left by the time the show ended…

not to say that the show has ended, part two’s tomorrow. the boys know what mistakes they made today, i guess a better play order is the first thing that can be expected. i’ve heard something is being done about the heat issue too (damn the admin, why can’t they leave the a/c on!), i doubt anything can be done about the sucky crowd (go to hell, i refuse to admit you’re part of my university, let alone my batch!) – all in all, a much better show is being planned for tomorrow.

so if you missed todays performance, i wouldn’t say you missed out on a lot, though what you did miss out on was fun. one song that is a must hear (and will hopefully be played again tomorrow) is the original song sung by ammar, composed by shibli and written by usman khan. it just so happens to be one of those songs that keeps playing itself in your head for hours after you’ve actually heard it…

me off for now, if you boys come looking for that link i told you about, it’s after the next post. will put up pictures of the concert (part two) after i take some tomorrow…also, an update on how part two went…


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unplugged – part 2

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  • 1. Xeb  |  May 8, 2005 at 6:50 am

    yea 🙂
    I’m not staying for summer. And as much as I hate to run away it seems like the best thing to do right now. I’ll be doing my sproj from khi – and thats it – LUMS ends abour 50 days earlier than I planned 😛
    Thats like a shock in itself~!


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