May 11, 2005 at 1:13 am 1 comment

you’re feeling blue, the music matches the mood. you keep walking – somewhere along the first few hundred yards you meet a few people you know, you wonder “who else is up at this insane time”, then remind yourself – “this is lums, someone’s always up”. you keep walking and start thinking. “what the hell? how does it happen every SINGLE time. it’s a curse, i’m cursed” you look around. the sun isn’t up yet, the football field is empty, some crows make their way towards you, you speed up – we all know who’d win in that fight.

you’re tired of the music, change it, bad song plays – who the hell makes up these cheesy numbers, and what are they doing in this playlist – keep moving. the gaurd eyes you suspiciously, you’re walking away from the male dorms, so obviously he wonders. the back side of campus is the one most quiet, no one…

you start from the top again, the music gets better. you feel slightly better. “his loss, not mine. it’s all ok. i have my friends, i have my life. i’ll manage. everyone says i shouldn’t worry” keep walking, speed up a little. people still roaming around, standing talking in groups. wonder what they’re talking about. khokha’s still open. shouldn’t have left without any money. the suns up a little, it’s pretty to look at. wonder if the “khirkee’s” behind the edc are as popular as the ones elsewhere on campus. just a thought. see some people walking out of the labs. an obvious all-nighter, same here.

the gaurd asks “how many more?” smile and keep walking. feeling good now. can’t imagine having gotten this far. this is good. will do this every day, or other day. look at the front entrance. remember the bonding sessions over pizza and coke. miss everyone. where’d they go. what’ll happen when we leave? khokha still open. damn, should’ve gotten the money. walk past the old khokha, think about all the birthday’s celebrated there. the time the bricks got painted at ammar’s birthday, the panic that followed. seems childish now. wish i could go back.

feeling better. plan the day. not a lot of options. have lots to do. what about the kids? “where do i stop?” how much do they need to be told. will do anything for them, but for how long. the geese are missing, no they aren’t. some are swimming with the goslings. gaurd smiles this time. he knows there’s one more.

final round. no one to be seen anywhere. only the gaurds. sun’s almost completely up. what about religion? “how do i fit that in?” can’t really, does that make it wrong? think about everything once more. life isn’t perfect, it’ll never be perfect. but all in all, it’s pretty darn good.


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unplugged – revisited…

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  • 1. Xeb  |  May 11, 2005 at 1:08 pm

    Reading your post made me feel better. Nostalgic as hell. But better. 😛


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