May 17, 2005 at 6:36 pm 1 comment

so my friends were driving around one day – 2 guys, 3 girls – when a corolla, with a lcd tv playing some pk movie songs, pulled up alongside them. inside it were your typical lahori men, 5 of them, middle-aged or so. anyway – it’s pretty obvious what was on their agenda so after some attempts at slowing down so that they’d get irritated and leave, these guys just shot past them. one of my friends, however, decided to leave a message and showed them the finger right as they went by…

this must’ve not made them very happy, coz they kept following these people around defence market, finally pulling alongside these people, put gun in their face and said “beta, ungal naheen dikhani chahyay” …

for a very much more interesting narration of the same story, contact emad nadim…

anyway, makes me wonder how many people in lahore carry a gun around on them, wonder how many people in lums do the same. would be pretty easy to get it past security. also, how safe is lums then? any car with a 10 rs. lums sticker can come in, no questions asked. which pretty much means, anyone who knows someone in lums can come in anytime. just some random thoughts…


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  • 1. Reeny  |  May 17, 2005 at 11:05 pm

    Dayum! I’ve been followed around… I’ve been stopped… I’ve been invited to dance parties… but they never took out guns and omg! I would’ve died. I hope your friends are ok…

    Once these two guys in a pajero were like trying to hit my car… I had my 14 yr old cousin with me and we were scared to death… I hadn’t been driving for long back then… So I rolled down my window and told the dude I didn’t really know how to drive and he smiled and left us alone. =D That’s so much better than flicking them off…


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