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Three passenger trains have collided in southern Pakistan, killing at least 132 people and injuring hundreds more. BBC News

What’s shocking is that this is the same train hundreds of LUMinites use every term to go back home to Karachi. Fortunately, most people aren’t over with their exams yet and other had opted to go via plane due to the reduced airfares being offered to students. I know a lot of people who were planning on going on this same train and for various reasons had changed their plans.

This crash brings back memories of the Daewoo accident that took place some time ago. I was in Islamabad that weekend and was supposed to come back to Lahore on that same bus. However, me being me, hadn’t booked a ticket and chose to drive in the next day. I remember my friends valling on my cell frantically once they heard of the crash on the news. I’ve never believed in fate more. I’ve also started wearing a seat-belt.

A friend of mine was on that bus. Actually, a lot of LUMinites were since most Islamabadi’s had gone home for the weekend. They were all ok, cuts and bruises. Some got more seriously hurt, but no fatalities. Quite a few people did die though.

Now this, I’ve heard from freshmen were on the train. We haven’t heard anything yet.


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