September 10, 2005 at 7:17 pm 1 comment

hehe, thought i’d finally transfer my blog to…one of those cool “your name” blogs…as far away from the “blogger” name as possible – but one thought just kept going through my mind, what if crashes? and then i kept remembering tom’s IS presentation – which btw, has to be the coolest presentation i’ve EVER been to! amazing job! – anyway, i kept remembering that and how he’d promised ( that was indeed stable now… anyhoo, final decision – not taking that chance, not just yet…maybe in another few months after having tested the system enough. 😀

moving on, the days since i’ve come back from IC have been a haze really. we’re finally back in the REAL world, and i didn’t really have time to think about IC once i got back since we rushed right into recruitment and an info session which was probably the most fun session I’VE had while being on the delivering side. usually i just hate presentations, so many people watching – and you always go SO wrong! but this time was fun 🙂

went out for dinner with the GANG! a group of 21 people who were together day and night in our freshmen year. we were all living in the same dorms, many of us were rooming with each other and we all took the same courses. anyway, we were all pretty close…but then sophmore year hit and we all decided that other friends were more important, room-mates didn’t get along and taking the same classes wasn’t all that much fun. i plead guilty on all those counts. still, two of us just got engaged to each other, we we all got back together for one dinner, only 4 people missing – which isn’t a lot – and one, harris, has moved to australia so there’s no meeting him for some years now. it was kind of sad. sitting at that long table. not knowing what to say to most people since i hadn’t met them in a while, yet knowing that we needed to have one final conversation before everyone graduates this year. for most of the “gang”, this is their last few months at lums. they’ll be gone, i doubt we’ll all be able to get back together again…and that’s just really sad.

we still have graduation, and graduation dinner in front of us – so that’s good. but nothing is every going to bring back those weird 3 am trips where we’d all leave lums in search of pizza, then eat it sitting on the road in front of a half-closed pizzeria. or the time when we spent new years on the road since we didn’t have reservations for any place and thus couldn’t get a seat in any of the 30 restaurants on m.m alam road! we shared a lot in that one year, we also didn’t share a lot in the two years that followed. this year is our one last chance to make up as friends. we’re planning on getting a “gang” picture taken next weekend, jerry’s coming into town especially for that. have been trying to arrange one for three years and it’s finally working out 😀

anyway, i’m rambling on…i’m just not happy that everyone will graduate this june and i’m still here for another 2 quarters. right now it seems like the weather outside is nice, so i think i’m going to go take a walk…maybe that’ll help clear my head up a bit!


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IC pictures!

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  • 1. Xeb  |  September 15, 2005 at 12:18 pm

    The nostalgia is killing meeee!!
    *damn you Nida Rasheed*

    Ps: I miss youuuu! 😦


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