September 29, 2005 at 1:32 pm 2 comments

the “matrix” craze completely passed me by even though the entire world was going crazy about it. i don’t know why but but even though i did see the first movie, i never got into the whole “this world is all make-believe” theory. however, i did realize, about a year back, that i should atleast attempt to watch the movies, just for the sake of “knowing what it’s all about”. i’d already seen the first one by then, and then i saw parts of the second, and somehow i got hooked.

now the only way i can watch movies while living in LUMS is the cable tv, or on the hostel LAN (if someone has the movie shared). unluckily for me, no one has “the matrix” on the LAN and they never put it on cable, or atleast i never saw any adverts. so when three weeks ago HBO started advertising that it was going to run all three parts on one day, i marked the day and time down on my calendar.

anyway, today at 4:45 local time, i went to the hostel lounge and with the blanket (that room is freezing!) and remote control, i sat down to watch all three movies. just as i was getting into the whole movie – the part where they tell you what the matrix really is – the cable shut off.

i still haven’t figured out the cause, but it was either because LUMS shut down it’s entire telecommunications server for maintenence or because the cable provider had some problems! the LUMS system comes online in another 5 minutes, so i’m still kind of hopeful that was it. but in any case, i’m going to be pretty clueless about whats going on now since i’ve missed out on the most important bits. i guess i’ll just watch them at home now, during eid break! which is one month away!! hmph! i don’t like the system…


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  • 1. S.Demotion  |  September 29, 2005 at 2:10 pm

    the first matrix was real good..I never saw the other two.I saw part of two, but thats about it. Thats funny about the cable shutting off at the wrong time..I hate those situations. Why dont you rent or buy them? What happens to me is the tape, dvd or whatever stop working at the CLIMAX (everytime the climax!!), then I run around saying NOOOOOO.Oh well!!

  • 2. M@verik  |  September 29, 2005 at 9:25 pm

    i seen all of them.. other then the first one.. the rest suck big time.. a big waste of time.. and unlink you.. i didnt have the luxury to watch them for free. unfortunatley i had to pay in CINEMA to watch them.. BIG MISTAKE..


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