In Vino, Veritas

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this has been taken off nomadlife:

LA Times writes a short article about how guys form opinion on their date based on the drinks they order

“Beer: It doesn’t matter what kind you drink, most guys approve and it shows you are laid-back and comfortable in your surroundings, not trying to impress anyone.But they advise that if it is a first date and you’re going for drinks somewhere other than a sports bar, it’s probably not the best choice.

Wine (red or white): A bit refined, or at least pretending to be.

Margarita: A fun-loving girl with lots of personality.

Gin and tonic: Guys are split on this one. Some say it signifies a sophisticated woman; others say it is someone looking to get drunk.Either way, it signals that youmay have hit your grandma’s liquor cabinet early on. Use sparingly.

Martini: Somewhat classy ? or you just like the fun glass.

Cosmopolitan: A bit trendy, and some guys view it as snobby. Also, it shows someone with expensive taste. So if the guy’s paying the bill, steer clear of this one, especially if the date’s going badly. He doesn’t want to have to take out a loan to buy you drinks.

Long Island iced tea: He knows how much alcohol is in it ? and that you might end up spending the night feeling very, very ill.

Rum and Coke: This is a basic, and fairly safe, drink choice. Someone who likes to have fun but can keep herself in check.

Whiskey and Coke: Borderline alcoholic. Someone who is a bit sassy, will speak her mind and won’t care what anyone thinks.

Vodka cranberry: Someone not familiar with many drinks, but who still likes to have fun and knows that vodka will do the trick without tasting too bad.

Red Bull and vodka: An absolute party girl. Save this one for the club.

Smirnoff Ice/Mike’s Hard Lemonade/wine cooler: He probably won’t appreciate this drink choice; unless your date is at the 7-Eleven, get a real drink.

Mudslide/white Russian: Any drink with milk in it scares guys.

Sea breeze/Midori sour/amaretto sour: A bit of a good girl. Someone who likes to drink but doesn’t like the taste of alcohol.

Tequila: Guys dig a tequila drinker, but some claim “she is a keeper ? just for the night though.” Avoid at all costs if you don’t want to end up seeing his sheets. Otherwise, bottoms up.”

and in the comments of the same post, this shocking record!

dody g.

…speaking of drinking, I wonder whether my record in Oriental Express and Nordic Highway still hold.


whats the record?!?

dody g.

Disclaimer: I was young and foolish back then.

I remember (there are pictures somewhere to confirm it)

11 seconds for 13 shots in Nordic Highway and 9 seconds for 11 shots for Oriental Express. And they were all clean; no spilling nor passing out afterwards 🙂 (dody g.)

:-O !!


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