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the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. vacations, SDC, new office, the jig, influx of international guests, christmas and ofcourse, the upcoming LCP elections.

the one week i got at home was fun – got to meet up with some old friends, made some new ones. it’s always weird when someone who’s been a rock for you has his life turned upside down, and its even more difficult when they don’t realize that they don’t always have to be the rock.

came back, had one day in LUMS and then off to karachi. SDC was another rollercoaster of emotions – right from watching the potential eb 2006-2007 change in a span of 4 days to aqeels “thingys”. sohaib’s never ending discussions about tony, to hassan trying really hard not to fall into the abyss. my relationship with every one of these guys has changed for life – they’ll never just be members, or even vps to me – they’ll always be the guys i spent 32 hours in the train with – talking about random crap, and trying to explain to hassan how AI functions. more important then us, though, were the karachites (who just wouldn’t tell us who the chair was!!) . i’ll never forget saba’s “i won’t get sick if i don’t sleep” and dodi’s “i’ll be with you in 5 minutes”. sharmeen and i had a crazy time trying to figure out exactly WHAT was going on and of course the new members are gems – the impromptu lunch at amirs house, the crazy driving, the harassed OC, and of course…the unmentionable incident! everytime lahore and karachi meet – we form a complete whole…corny…i know. but so true. can’t wait for NLC now 🙂

but the people who won’t be there at NLC will be the faci’s…what a bunch of people. from amaan’s being voted “sexiest faci” to nicole’s “superstar”, nic’s “basically’s” to eva’s confessions. and finally, dandi and his “arre great yaar”…i don’t think anyone in @ pakistan is EVER going to forget that expression – including the people who don’t even understand what it means.

i don’t think i’ll ever forget SDC – it was an amazing conference, one of the best i’ve been to – and the food kicked ass!!

came back from SDC, had barely enough time to breathe and got thrown into the music society’s first concert of the year “the jig”. a full 2 days of running around, pissing people off (my team was managing the tickets), missing the ENTIRE concert, and ending up at KFC yet again! an awesome two days i must say. i always do a full round up of the concerts i attend..but since i didnt get to attend this one, i can’t do that. i do think, however, that this was one concert for which every contingency had been planned out, except for bad singers (you can never really do anything about that can you?)…so – a few songs aside…everything i was able to hear was great – some people were exceptional…but they always are. notable mentions to ehsan’s “stayin’ alive”, zahra’s “star” and the 2 songs the lower staff sang. thanks again to the entire roadies team – you guys rocked!!

and finally – on to the current happenings…the following people are in town: nicole, nic, delia, tori. to be joined tomorrow by ellen, and two other german trainees from DI. then on saturday, delia and tori leave and on sunday the germans leave. and in the middle of all this we have LCP elections…which is a completely different type of story itself…

so – next time…updates on how christmas went (so far, we have ALL the decorations and food, no alcohol, and no time to decorate the tree in) and also pictures from the touristy things the visitors did. and maybe updates on the LCP elections…


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i’m back

i moved back – yes, yes…i know i’m stupid and only lasted 36 hours on – laugh all you want. 😛

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address change

i’ve taken the plunge and moved my blog to – the new url is 🙂

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The Jig

The Jig
Originally uploaded by monday_bluez.

Saturday – 17th December 2005!
Be there – or be very very square!

also, the entire music society support staff, including yours truly, are getting ID badges for free entry into concerts – WOoHoO!!

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Ten years ago
– i was 12, and i thought i was in love with one of my brothers friends
– i thought my family was “dysfunctional”
– i thought boy bands were cool, life could not go on without “channel V”
– i didn’t know what my goals in life were
– i realized i wanted to visit india
– i lived in faisalabad, and was the only girl in the city who wore jeans everywhere

5 years ago
– i had moved to islamabad and still wore jeans everywhere, as did 70% of the female student population at my school
– i was still thinking about my brothers friend
– my family was still “dysfunctional”
– boy bands were just lame, MTV was in and replaced Channel V as ” the channel”
– i still wanted to go to india
– i was thinking about my future
– i lost one of my best friends because of one stupid arguement.

Last one year
– i know where i want to be 20 years from now, and no – i don’t want to be “rich”!
– my brothers friend is a thing of the past, he’s also just not as cool anymore!
– i realized that i have an amazingly cool family
– i joined AIESEC
– i’ve been to india thrice
– the best friend i’d had a fight with finally talked to me.
– i now live in lahore, still wear jeans everywhere.

Yesterday (Monday)
– i was in karachi, and wearing jeans 🙂
– lunched at an @ers house with 15 other people
– i said goodbye to the most amazing people i’ve ever known
– me and sharmeen “discovered” something!
– i realized we took a few hundred pictures while at SDC.

Five Yummy things
– chocolate (toblerone, maltesers, bounty and mars)
– anything at subway!
– chicken karachi, handi, and other pakistani food thats spicy 🙂
– new york cheese cake
– my moms cooking!

Five songs I know by heart
– you’re beautiful, james blunt
– she will be loved, maroon 5
– it’s a wild, wild world, mr. big
– hallelujah, rufus wainwright
– saahil ki talaash, saaya

Five things I’d do if I had money
– visit new zealand
– go to disney world – yes yes, i’m a kid!!
– pay back my student loan
– buy a laptop, don’t care which one as long as it has massive amounts of disk space and lets me play AoE
– get a 4 gb nomad

Five places I escape to
– my room, both at home and in LUMS
– naureen’s room
– the park next to LUMS
– the tv lounge
– the supermarket

Five TV shows
– that 70s show
– house
– lost
– friends
– the apprentice

Five things I enjoy doing
– playing AoE
– travelling
– talking
– reading
– playing with animals

Favorite toys
– my nomad, though its not working too well now
– my movie camera, though its not working too well nowadays (maybe i should use some of that money to buy new stuff!!)
– duke, a stuffed dog so big he rivals the travel smurf in size!
– emad’s camera
– madiha’s PC

I tag
– nic

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just came back from one of the most amazing conferences ever! and for the first time EVER, i had GOOD food at a conference!! more updates soon…

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