February 21, 2006 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

i was recently emailed this statement a groups of islamic scholars released regarding the cartoons published in the danish newspapers. thanks ahmad 🙂
i still don’t have an official stance on the whole issue, but this statement makes me feel slightly more positive about the muslim world and it’s response…there are quite a few things in the statement i agree with, but some i don’t…an interesting read…


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Two die in Pakistan cartoon clash johari window…

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  • 1. S.Demotion  |  February 23, 2006 at 5:10 pm

    I have been to a talk with two of those scholars mentioned myself. Their message was two wrongs dont make a right. With freedom of speech comes responsibility.You cant insult the Prophet(S), but we dont have a caliph, so we cant legally do anything(in regards to Islamic law directly), except try to take legal action as in denmark(Islamic law states you fo by the country u are in in the case of no caliph). The small amount of people that reacted violently well, as Hamza Yusuf said” if you want to defend the honour of our prophet, start behaving like him”. The fact is the media highlights and exaggerates things, whereas there have been three million deaths in the Congo! And we have global warming and ecological issues that we need to adress as humanity. The scholars whose talks I attended mentioned that we, need to be ONE, as HUMANITY, and address these issues. As for stopping trading with european companies, that is wrong in islam as you are to honour your business dealings, as one can clearly see, by reading the Prophet(S) life story and studying Islamic law/history.Let me end with a good example.Salahuddin was fighting the christians, and he heard their leader was sick, he sent his own physician to see to him. That was the honour and true nature of Islam.


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