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i’ve been thinking about skipping the farewell – for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s the LUMS equivalent of the “prom”, without the dates – anyway…been thinking about missing it. last year was great, it ran on for too long, but things went well – and we threw a good after-party. this year, the party might not even happen. apparently planning isn’t the 2007s forte, thus they don’t have money to do anything other then a measly dinner and a title! since all i was looking forward to was the party, i might as well skip the whole shingding if there isn’t one, go home, get some time with the parents, something i haven’t done in a while.

even if i manage to forget the party fiasco, and do attend the dinner, all dressed up in a sari, with hair all perfect and dressed to the hilt, i’m going to get bored halfway through the 430 titles. yep, 430 people will be called on stage to recieve a title – something people may or may not have suggested for them, mostly its a randomly picked song. we suggested that we could skip the whole title thing this year, why does everyone have to walk on stage like there’s a parade happening. but when the organizers (the 2007s) suggested it to the rest of my class, supposedly things were thrown at them…which is just stupid!

so there went my brilliant plan of just having a concert and dinner, now we have to sit through at least 7 hours of titles (1 minute per person (yeah right!) = 430 minutes or 7.something hours). thus, i’m thinking about skipping it – after all, it’s not a life altering experience…most of us will end up pissed at each other for one thing or the other, the food wil not be eaten (who can eat in a sari?) and the only tangible thing that we’ll get will be that one picture we get taken by the photographer at the photo booth (which i’ve heard they also don’t have money for!).

but i know that skipping it will mean i will have to hear the question “but why?” atleast a million times (ok, maybe just a few hundred) between the event and graduation…i’ll probably make history – no one misses their farewell – and end up becoming the outcast in the group…no pictures to share, no “d’you remember blah” conversations…

so…still undecided… 🙂


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Raju… Coming Home

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