ladies and gentlemen…

May 30, 2006 at 4:23 am Leave a comment

…the batch of 2006 has left the building…

well…i haven’t…and neither has ammar or naureen…but yesterday was the last exam day for LUMS – and for a lot, the last day in LUMS, or last night.

i now know how weird it is saying goodbye to people who’ve become like an extended family. how do you say goodbye to someone who was there for every important moment in your college life? you can cry, you can laugh it off, or you can do what we did and bury a time capsule (i kid you not!) at 4 am in the morning. i think, for some of us, it was a hassle-less way of saying good bye – no tears, no awkward hugs, or sad faces. we buried it with the promise that the next time we’re all together (after graduation) we’ll come back and dig it up. so right now, all we have to say is “see you soon”, since we have to meet to dig the darned thing up anyway 🙂

that being said, i only recently realized how much i’m going to miss these idiots who became the most important people in my life – even when i hated them. these were the people who stuck by me in the worst of times, helped me out no matter what i needed, and let me rant and rave about everything under the sun – including them – and didn’t say anything back.

…next year won’t be the same without you…


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they do…

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