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name: nida rasheed

nickname: there have been several attempts to invent one, but none have stuck 🙂 my name’s short enough without needing a nickname…

languages spoken: english, urdu. i can understand punjabi, but any attempt to speak it usually causes the listener to laugh till they cry…

countries visited because of AIESEC: india, romania and poland…

favorite colour and why: i’ll have to say blue. it calming, but fun at the same time.

what you wanted to BE when you were a child: i wanted to be someone who worked with wild animals, either because i was involved in conservation efforts, or as a photographer.

now, what do you want to do when you grow up: i want to start my own event management company in pakistan.

favorite book: to kill a mocking bird

favorite movie: almost famous

What song is stuck in your head right now: chelo – cha cha ( IC ’06, CC dance!!)

Why I joined AIESEC: someone said i’d get to travel, and develop as a person. more importantly, they said i could go to india within the month. i stayed for completely different reasons 🙂

Passions: AIESEC, conservation, and anything else that has anything to do with animals (including animal planet!!)

Nida 2010: if my parents get their way, i’ll be married with two children, probably named chintu and mintu while living somewhere close to them.
if i get my way, i’ll have finished my @ internship and will be working full time in event management. i’ll also have travelled to 25 countries by then, all set to achieve my goal of 30 countries by the time i hit the age of 30!


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blogging ramadan… Sotally Tober

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