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MC applications ’07-’08 just opened up. From saying at NLDS ’04 that I’d be MCP Pakistan one day to actually filling out the application! The wait has been unbearable.


November 28, 2006 at 10:18 pm 2 comments


i’d thought that when my friends graduated, i’d lose touch with them – we’d never been the emailing each other kind. (un?)fortunately, they’ve all suddenly turned into the emailing kind, and since most of them are now in the UK, we get weekly updates of what’s going on in their *new* lives. from cleaning schedules, to eid celebrations, to who’s up-to-no good type gossip. it’s fun, but we all had very varying groups of friends – kind of like those ven diagrams – with overlaps here and there, and although we knew everyone, we were never *close* friends with a lot of each other’s friends. which means that if X sends a weekly update, all her friends are on the list, and since everyone *loves* “replying all” on gmail, we end up having to listen to all the comments her friends have to throw into the mix. not fun. especially if you don’t really like all those friends. *snicker*

it gets even more interesting.

if i have a comment to make, which i don’t particularly want to share with everyone, i’ll just remove all the random people from the list, and send the email to *my* close knit group of friends (possibly a subgroup of the much larger group that received the originaly email), and thus a second *internal* email begins, but again, because of gmail, this is in the same thread as the previous, much more public mail. and yes, you guessed it, sooner or later, someone will send a response that had to be sent to the much smaller group to the much larger group causing confusion, and sometimes problems.

so, not only have i *not* lost touch with my old friends, we’re still creating messes for each other…

November 20, 2006 at 5:32 am 1 comment