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We’re in Egypt!

Yep, we reached here safe and sound – but it was an extremely interesting trip (when aren’t they?). Our flight from Khi-Abu Dhabi was eventless, but we were delayed at that airport for 2 extra hours (on top of our 4 hour transit!) but we managed to meet the Sri Lankan delegation, and a guy from the UK – all AIESECer – so we managed to pass the time with considerable ease (although Costa did tell us to stop hogging the sofa after two hours!).

The fun actually started after we reached Cairo airport, because when we got off the plane and came towards immigration, there was a huge group of people screaming and shouting – which we later found out were people wuiting to be given their passports. Since the online passport scanning network in the airport had collapsed a few hours ago, everything was being done manually, which meant that after you had submitted your passport to the control booth, they would manually enter your data and then after about three hours they’d send a bunch of passports to these gaurds who were screaming out the names of the people who the passport belonged to! Lucky for us, since we were delayed by two hours, we missed most of this commotion, and only saw the ending, as after about 10 minutes of being in line to hand over our passport, we were told that the system had been restored and we could do the whole thing digitally – meaning we got done in 15 minutes!!

Have just reached the pre-meeting venue after a very harrowing drive through Cairo streets, but that’s normal supposedly, and are now getting some stuff done and re-charging before heading out for dinner.


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