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Thatta…and more

As I’ve mentioned before, my house mates decided to spend Sunday in Thatta. Apparently it’s a very cool place to go with lots to see, and since 90% of the people I live with are foreigners, that’s a good enough reason to travel for two hours, in the heat, on a Sunday. I, however, wanted to relax, so I stayed back, and thus missed out on all the excitement (which, interestingly enough, was not related to the sights of Thatta at all)

Firstly, let me say that I’m really glad all the idiots made it back alive. This could’ve gone a lot worse. And my plea to everyone is to always wear a seatbelt! (unless you’re in Taha’s car, which doesn’t have any!)

The story goes something like this (and I might be wrong, as this is was told to me mostly by people not in the car). These guys are coming back from Thatta in two cars (Lodhi’s and Adeel Malik’s) with Sohaib/Aun/Anna/Zafirah and Adeel in his car, and Andrew/KLepo/Michael and Lodhi in the other. Obviously, this being a road trip of sorts, there’s a lot of talking/singing going on in the cars, when suddenly Adeel Malik realizes there’s a truck in front of his car, that he’s going to bang into. Oh no! Lots of brakes, screams (probably Sohaib’s), oh fucks (Aun) and praying (Zafirah) must’ve followed before the car actually hit the truck. Thankfully, no one got seriously injured (because of the seatbelts!!) and Adeel walked away with just a few scratches (and a heavily damaged car!) Regardless, he proceeded to come over to the Mansion for sheesha after, and the trooper that he is, will be joining us for Race tonight!

In the aftermath of this accident, Sohaib has taken to squealing every time Taha drives to fast (And those of you who’ve seen Taha’s car must know that too fast in that isn’t really that fast at all)


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the perfect sunday

So many people have heard about my “perfect Sunday” but I just felt like I had to put this down somewhere, as history 🙂

Some background: my Sunday’s usually suck! I get up, people are everywhere (I live with 9 people) and there is general chaos and no direction. Usually we try and do something big (like go sightseeing, big dinner) and I end up feeling like i got no time to relax over the weekend.

Yesterday, my aforementioned housemates had all gone to Thatta for a day trip, so when I woke up at 2 PM(yes, 2!) there was no one around, so I had a nice breakfast, listened to music REALLY loudly and started my laundry.

After about an hour, some friends dropped by, so I talked to them, but they left in about an hour so then I went to Sunday market (oh, the lovely-ness!) and just walked around there for quite a bit, bought some stuff.

Came back, had lunch/dinner, and then just read magazines and books till my housemates got back. Then we had sheesha, talked on the roof for a bit, and I came back downstairs, listened to music till I fell asleep.

Icing on the cake was a call from NY – Tori/Kirmani who were spending a Sunday together decided to call and congratulate Sohaib on my cell, but that only meant I got to talk to both of them, which was great!

Blips on the perfect Sunday:
Adeel Malik and the rest of the troupe making noise at 9 AM in the kitchen (bitches!) and waking me up (I ignored them and went back to sleep)
– The car crash, and the excitement it caused (more on that later)

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My last post was in Jan, and the one before that? I don’t even remember…complete and utter sadness…

…I have so much to say, but no one to say it to…
…So much has happened, but I can’t wrap my head around it…
…A new chapter of my life starts in another 3 months, and all I can think of is how much I’ll miss these people…

…so many people 🙂

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