the perfect sunday

March 31, 2008 at 7:14 am Leave a comment

So many people have heard about my “perfect Sunday” but I just felt like I had to put this down somewhere, as history 🙂

Some background: my Sunday’s usually suck! I get up, people are everywhere (I live with 9 people) and there is general chaos and no direction. Usually we try and do something big (like go sightseeing, big dinner) and I end up feeling like i got no time to relax over the weekend.

Yesterday, my aforementioned housemates had all gone to Thatta for a day trip, so when I woke up at 2 PM(yes, 2!) there was no one around, so I had a nice breakfast, listened to music REALLY loudly and started my laundry.

After about an hour, some friends dropped by, so I talked to them, but they left in about an hour so then I went to Sunday market (oh, the lovely-ness!) and just walked around there for quite a bit, bought some stuff.

Came back, had lunch/dinner, and then just read magazines and books till my housemates got back. Then we had sheesha, talked on the roof for a bit, and I came back downstairs, listened to music till I fell asleep.

Icing on the cake was a call from NY – Tori/Kirmani who were spending a Sunday together decided to call and congratulate Sohaib on my cell, but that only meant I got to talk to both of them, which was great!

Blips on the perfect Sunday:
Adeel Malik and the rest of the troupe making noise at 9 AM in the kitchen (bitches!) and waking me up (I ignored them and went back to sleep)
– The car crash, and the excitement it caused (more on that later)


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