Race over

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Yesterday, after Sohaib’s constant “Dude, we have to go watch Race!”, and Taha’s “OMG, it’s the best movie, EVER!” the Mansion/Clubhouse set decided to set off to Prince Cinema to watch it (Cineplex costs 250, Prince is only 150). Along the way, we managed to get some of the local color – Saaim, Ahmed, Junaid – thanks guys 🙂
*Spoilers Ahead*

Anyway, lemme start off by saying that if you like Indian movies, you’ll probably like this one. It’s “alright”…not great…not incredibly horrible. What saves the movie from being horrible is Saif Ali Khan (and for the guys, the hot chicks). At one point, when I thought he’d died, I was all set to walk out of the cinema (then realized that I wasn’t in DHA, and had no way to get home!) so decided to stick around, thankfully, since Saif was brought back from the dead (yes, that’s true, the DEAD!) towards the end.

Another good thing is a couple of songs (not the touch-me one, but the race one!), some of which are very jive-worthy I might add! Junaid was actually noting down steps 😛

Finally, the cars! Oh the cars 🙂

What makes the movie irritating:
– Akshaye Khanna
– Katrina Kaif’s acting (or lack there of)
– Anik Kapoor and his dumb jokes
– Sameera Reddy and her Jessica Simpson-esque role
– The jokes (they deserve their own line!)
& the one million and one twists (my brain grew numb at one point!)

If you must watch it, then go to a cheap cinema (I think I’d have killed Taha had I payed for Cineplex tickets.), and make sure you hoot along (I was the only person hooting every time Saif was on-screen :D) as that just adds to the fun 😀

I’m putting up the movie poster as eye-candy – ah, Saif 🙂


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