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A random week…

Well..not really. I mean, it was weird in the sense that I ran into the randomest of people.

First, on my way to a meeting on I.I Chundrigar, while walking on the road (right about to across it) I hear my full name being called out. Turn around and find Ahmed Bilal, someone from LUMS, cool guy 🙂 but someone who I’d only exchanged facebook comments with for the last two years…so we’re standing there in the middle of this road catching up…so weird! Weirder still, I’d gotten his number like a week before this hoping to catch up with him before I left Karachi.

Then, today, on my way to the big-park-next-to-Park-Towers, again while crossing the road (not the same road, this time Zamzama) I look at the car that so courteously stopped for us, and it’s Omar Khalid (OK) and one of his bandmates from ADP. Weird…but not as weird as what happens next. I wave, move on…then this car stops..and this girl waves (I think at me)…I look closer…it’s Arooj…this girl I went to high school with…and she wasn’t waving at me, she was waving at Michael Kamau and Anna. So once she sees me it’s all…where have you been…blah blah (by the way, I actually do like her…just that it was too much catching up in like one minute to put down)

Anyway…weird week. In terms of catching up with/running into people I barely see/never see otherwise.

Last two weeks in Karachi 🙂 Ze countdown has begun!


June 15, 2008 at 8:51 pm 1 comment

bye bye nomadlife :(

After repeatedly trying to change my blog template, and repeatedly not succeeding, I’ve followed a friends advice and switched back to Blogger from Nomadlife. This way I can use their cool template thingy-majiggy! (If you know how I can have the best of both worlds, please leave a note in the comments!)

Sadness though…I liked nomadlife 🙂

June 12, 2008 at 9:26 pm 1 comment