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Weird word, I know 🙂 I just made it up. Anyone who knows me would know of my insane love for the McDonalds McFlurry, specifically, the one with Oreos…lots and lots of oreos (so many in fact, that one McDonalds outlet in Karachi actually knew me as the crazy person who wanted more oreos than ice-cream). Current life is a little different, I can confidently say that no one in any of Islamabad/Rawalpindi’s two McDonalds knows me at all 🙂

First, let me give you the magic number – 1. That’s the number of McFlurry’s I’ve had since I moved back on July 4rth. Withdrawal was tough. I missed the apartment, the DVD collection, the internet (my parents still had dial-up, I finally upgraded it about a month ago), the roof, sheesha (number of sheesha’s had since return to Islamabad is a little higher, 2), the people – Saaim’s endless ideas, Taha and Sohaib’s weird love, KLepo and his KLepo-ness, Andrew and Zafirah’s relationship which very closely resembles marriage 😛 and of course, the McFlurry and McDonalds trips.

However, I was quick to realize that life in Islamabad is essentially very cool. I have a great cable, nice flat screen TV, the potential to get DSL internet, access to cooked food, washed clothes, a maid, cook, car, and of course, family. The last two months have gone a long way to help me recover from the one year I spent washing my own clothes, cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, ordering in, and generally living a tough-ish (by current standards) life.

Of course, my transition (lol) was greatly helped by the fact that I spent one month with my sister and her kids here, and even got to go on a family vacation up north….no time to think of the McFlurry times. But everyone’s gone now, and although I was a little unsure of how I’d like a sibling-less house, I’m happy to announce that the new McFlurry-less life still suits me just fine. I eat healthy (salads, no ordering out, well balanced meals), exercise, sleep well, wake up early, and spend crazy amounts of time on the internet.

So next step, getting a job 🙂


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