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I’ve been plagued with weird dreams and sleepless nights for the past few weeks, and while I haven’t had much of a chance to wonder why, I found myself thinking about last night’s dream while out in the park. 

I lost a friend, some six odd years ago, and recently re-connected. Not in the way I’d imagined we would, but anything is a start after this many years of silence. I mentioned to another friend recently that I’d like to get that time back, I’m not by nature someone who trusts people very easily and so it’s been very difficult to figure out where to go from here. Regardless, I know there’s no going back, there’s no fixing what we – and yes, I admit I was at fault too – broke. 
I guess a part of last night dream was me wondering what I missed out on, and the sooner I get my head around it, the better. 
On a lighter note, I’ll be blogging more often now. I considered starting a new blog, which no one knew about, so I could post without self censoring, but I’ve realized recently that nothing I say, or do, can shock the people that I care about. 

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McFlurry-lessness… The mess that is my Facebook…

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