The mess that is my Facebook…

November 24, 2008 at 9:59 pm Leave a comment

I was recently telling family that my Facebook is a mess. There’s so many people in my friends list that I’m hesitant to even post updates anymore, and now this stupid blog is linked to it (and I can’t figure out how to get it off!) so I don’t update my blog anymore. 

Everytime you come back from an AIESEC conference, during those 3-5 days post-conference where you’re still experiencing the adrenaline rush, you add every freaking person you met there. This makes for a lot of people! Now I have to go through everyone of them, sort out when we met, and then remove people that I have absolutely no contact with! Shit! 
Phase I was completed about a month ago, I removed everyone I had no recollection of meeting. Phase II is underway now, and I’m categorizing people into lists (being unemployed makes for lots of free time!) and removing people I have no plans of contacting again, unless I end up in their country. 
To add crazy on top of crazy, my mom asked me to set up a profile for her! Not happening! Admittedly my mom is barely able to turn her laptop on, so getting on Facebook regularly to keep tabs on her kids will be highly complicated, and unlikely, but why even go there. Imagine the self censorship that would have be employed should the ‘rents decide that Facebook is their playground. 

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