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So today was the first day of driving school. As excited as I was, I was confident it was going to be a major bummer (I mean, it is school!) but I was not completely let down, and not just because of what I learnt about cars (although that’s cool too!)

Firstly, I’m going to the Islamabad Traffic Police’s driving school, and apparently their motto is “Friendly Police”, which, I must say, they are. However, this also means going to the behemoth of a structure (or collection of buildings) that is the F-8 ITP HQ, and then finding out that my class will be in a tiny room, where they stuff in 40 aunties, with no ventilation. Eugh
I was also scared I’d be the oldest (eldest?) person there, but no no. As my aunty comment might have made it obvious, I’m by far one of the youngest, with the average age being 40! So the questions that get asked “what is the round thing with the N on it” (answer: umm..gear) are hilarious, and provide for much entertainment. 
Since today was day numero uno, we had to give our contact information, learners permits, NIC copies and the like. Mostly administrative stuff, yet, it took us 1.5 hours to get everything done. You ask why? Well, women are known for being late, and this is Pakistan. One lady actually walked in 50 minutes after “class” had started (we start at 10, she came around 11), and wandered in nonchalantly. 
The other reason is that this is not AIESEC, so there are no processes in place for things like dividing a room into two classes, subdividing into groups, having people sign up for classes. So essentially, the two teachers went through every single person individually thrice. First to check we were there, then to get our documents, and finally to get our contact numbers and ask us which time slot we wanted. It took all my self-control not to give my opinion on how to best manage the situation.
Anyway, I did learnt a few things. Firstly that every time I get in the car, I should check the P.O.W.E.R (Petrol, Oil, Water, Electric, Rubber) and that under the hood are the ABCDEF, but I no longer remember what the D stands for. Haha!
All in all, cool first day. No making a fool of myself yet, but tomorrow I get behind the wheel, so that should be something to watch out for.

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