Day 2: Are you dizzy yet?

January 16, 2009 at 6:07 am Leave a comment

Today was Day 2 of driving lessons, and what a confidence boosting day it was 🙂 

As is customary in my house, I was there fifteen minutes early (my dad is a stickler for punctuality) and had to wait for the lesson to start in the car (my dad drops me off) since it was raining. Yes, it’s raining in Islamabad, again! 
Anyway, my dad gave me a mini-lesson in the car while I waited, which meant that when I actually got into the learner’s car to drive, I kinda kicked ass! We drove around and around and around in a circle in this big empty ground that’s used for lessons, so basically I started the car, drove in a circle, and stopped fifteen minutes later as there’s four people in my class, including me, and we each get fifteen minutes of driving time. Essentially, I waited fifteen minutes for a fifteen minute class :/ Still, I kicked ass, so I came home happy. Tomorrow we’re driving on the road. Watch out Islamabad (or at least everyone in the F-9 Park vicinity). 

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