Dear Mr. Asif Zardari,

April 23, 2009 at 2:12 pm Leave a comment

Let me start by saying that I am not your biggest fan. The fact is that someone who has been convicted of numerous crimes, implicated in murder, and become famous only for being the First Husband does not deserve to run any country, least of all one as troubled as Pakistan.

Having said that, you are our elected leader, so I must call on you to fix some things. My list isn’t long, actually there’s only one thing in it, the only thing that actually scares me about the current political situation.

You recently signed a deal with the Taleban in Swat to let them control the region and rule it under Sharia Law. How’s that going for you? See, it isn’t going so well for the rest of us here.

It’s not just me. Everyone’s worried. I mean, to say that there are Taleban sitting just 100 km from Islamabad carrying out beheadings is a little worrying to everyone, regardless of whether they be male or female. I remember having gone to Swat as a child. Beautiful place. I guess the new rule means we can’t ever go there again. Sad. Piece by piece, we can see this country falling apart.

I’ve read all those books about Afghanistan that talk about how the country fell to the Taleban. I know we’re supposed to distinguish between the good Taleban and the bad ones, but really, what’s the difference? Regardless of their intentions, they are turning my country in to a place I am scared to live in. I’m scared that in another decade or so, we’re going to be the new Afghanistan, and that’s freaking me out.

The fact that I am a woman means that my life will be much more different than yours if the Taleban were to take control of not just Swat and, now, Buner, but the surrounding regions including Islamabad. I wouldn’t be able to go out alone, my mother wouldn’t be able to work, life as we know it would change.

Don’t think you’re going to be spared. Once they’ve taken over the city, they’re coming for you. They’re probably going to try you for all those crimes you got away with, do away with your drinking buddies and publicly execute you, much like your father-in-law was. I guess you always wanted to be a bit like him, but believe me you don’t want to go like that.

Anyway, my request is simple, and maybe it makes me less of a human for saying this, but do whatever you have to to stop this from happening. Whatever. Maybe you’re worried about hard action thinking the country will turn against you, and maybe some people will, but a lot more of us will praise you for having done something right since you took office.


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