Katrina’s Best…I think not…

May 27, 2009 at 1:05 pm Leave a comment

Alright, so I was craving chocolate again (what is it with me!) and I was like, “well, last time went so well, I should bake some brownies”. But, there was no chocolate syrup left. “Oh well, the entire world makes brownies with cocoa powder, let me try”….bad idea.

So the recipe said they were Katrina’s (don’t ask me who she is) best brownies ever…or something like that. Feeling a little confident, I went through the reviews and recipe. Some people had said that their brownies had come out too oily, but that they might have made a mistake. “Pshh…I don’t make mistakes,” I thought. This one guy had gone so far as to say that everyone should ignore the negative comments, “they’re there for a reason buddy!!”.

Anyway, seemed like a simple enough recipe. I obviously halved it but even then I didn’t have enough butter/margarine. I went and checked on the internet and a lot of people had said I could replace margarine with vegetable oil, so I figured, alright, I’ll do that. Ooops.

What ensued was messy. I knew from the minute I mixed everything together that I had done something really stupid (or the recipe was completely wrong). I went back, went over the math, I’d halved everything down right, which meant that the problem had to be in the margarine/oil mixture, which was weird since they’re essentially the same thing.

Anyway, after baking, I ended up with what looks like little chocolate squares with sugar showing. Not appetizing…you can taste the oil a mile away. I actually sponged some of the oil off the mixture (about half what I put in) because it just wouldn’t mix in!

I’m not going to add the recipe here. Not worth my time. I shall try it one more time, with the right ingredients and the right proportions, and if they still turn out wrong I will give Katrina a review she won’t forget easily.

Oh…chocolate syrup brownies…I miss you so 😦


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