Divine French Toast

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It seems like I’ve been searching for the perfect French Toast my entire life. Alright, I exaggerate a bit, but still. My mom makes great French Toast but they’re a bit on the deep fried side, my aunt makes great ones (I remember this one time in Swat when she made friggin’ awesome ones) but doesn’t have a set-in-stone recipe, I made some awesome ones in college with the help of a friend, but don’t remember exactly how.

Basically, French Toast are one of those things everyone knows how to make, but you never really bother with working out the ratios. That means that they end up tasting different every time you make them. On top of that, everyone likes theirs differently. Some like ‘em all brown, some like them very soft. It’s annoying really.

I gave up on the search a few years ago when I realized that I could never work out the milk/egg ratio that would make the toast soft, yet egg-y enough. Times have changed though…with all this new found time on my hands I decided to jump straight into developing a recipe for French Toast that I (at-least) could recreate again and again without a change in taste.

Some things to note. I like French Toast really soft, almost not cooked through but brown on the outside. Also, I am one of those one-egg-per-toast kinda people. Finally, sugar is your friend, use it generously.

French Toast


2 slices Bread (I use whole grain)

2 eggs

2 tablespoons sugar (feel free to add more if you want)

2 tablespoons milk


– Put milk and sugar in a deep dish and nuke for a few seconds, then whisk the sugar till it dissolves. It won’t completely dissolve, no worries about that.

– Add egg (make sure milk isn’t hot) and whisk more till egg/milk are mixed in thoroughly.

– Add bread. Let it soak through. I let the first side soak till I can actually see the liquid seeping through it, and then I turn and let the other side soak about half as long. By the time I actually pick it up and put it in the pan, it’s threatening to break apart, but never really does.

– Heat a pan, add a very little amount of oil. Just enough to coat the bottom lightly. You can probably skip this if you have a good non-stick pan. I don’t 😦 Make sure the pan is hot hot hot, then reduce heat a little before you add the bread.

– Add the bread to the pan, let one side cook for about a minute or so, till lightly browned then turn over. Cook other side till lightly brown…you get it 🙂

– Once both sides are browned, the bread should be soft to the touch still. I like it this way, but you can continue to completely cook it and toughen it up like a piece of cow hide if you want.

Tada…French Toast. I made these for my mom, and she loved them. She’s a pretty mean cook herself so that’s a pretty high standard right there. My cat, Charlie, also loves them. He doesn’t really have a high standard, but this is the only non-cat-food thing he yowls for once he smells it, so I’m thinking he likes them a lot 🙂

On a related note, I have found a great recipe software Cook’n which is free and also lets me copy/paste recipes in from websites. The only problem is that it doesn’t give nutritional values, but I guess I can’t have it all 🙂


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