Who IS this chick?

August 20, 2009 at 7:09 am Leave a comment

I just went over the last few posts and something Khamba had said started to really sink in. When did I turn into this chick who talks about shoes, bags and recipes? Really, when?

While I try and look for that awesome-girl-I-used-to-be, I’ll leave you with some random thoughts in my head…

– Went for a hike up to Pir Sohawa. What-a-hike!! Not too long, not too short. All my worrying that I’d want to quit halfway came to nothing. Well, at least I like the physically-fit part of this new me!

– Unrelated…men with moobs need to really *REALLY* start wearing an undershirt when they go jogging. Especially when they are wearing a white T-shirt. Seriously.  No one wants that visual imagery stuck in their head all day.

– Meeting old friends can be fun. Sometimes. Sometimes you’re just wondering what the hell you’re doing at a dinner with people you have nothing in common with anymore. There, I said it.

– Twitter will be my downfall. Along with Facebook and that stupid Farmville game. My lack of self control means I have no chance in hell of quitting = (productivity/100)

– I need to get my life into some form of schedule again. This whole waking-up-when-I-want, sleeping-when-I-want routine is getting old. And boring. Plus I miss the sun. It’ll be gone soon.

– On that note, I can’t believe summers are almost over. Ramzan is starting *groan* and pretty soon boring old Eid will be here. Then October. Then winters. Then staying indoors all the time coz it’s too darned cold and I refuse to step out unless I can take my blanket with me!

– A Blackberry MUST be bought. I don’t know why. I just want one. Completely selfish and childish.

– 26 is a bit over 2 months away. Must decide on present for self and commit to getting it. Toss-up between tattoo and Blackberry. Blackberry might win. Much less permanent.

Alright. I think I’m done. I’ll go look for my awesome self. Be back when I know where she went…


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