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Recently I experienced one of those nights where everything was far from perfect, but still great enough that I wouldn’t have wanted to change anything. We didn’t do what we’d planned to do, but what we did was awesome nonetheless and to say that things could have been even better is something that can never be proved, because I can’t imagine a night “better” then that. So what are the ingredients to a great night?

– Friends. Preferably close, but not necessarily. The only important thing is that everyone be there to have fun and let things progress naturally

– Illegal substances. I know people who will say that these aren’t necessary and while I agree with that, these are always good to have around

– Good music. 70s and 80s preferably. No 90s (what a crappy time for music) and preferably not much released after that either. Floyd, Marley, Beatles.

– A host who is willing to put up with all kinds of crazy. Preferably one who will encourage it.

– A cook. For that early morning after-after-party breakfast.

– A venue. Preferably someones home. One you feel comfortable in, or can very quickly get comfortable with.

– Candles. For when there is no bijli


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