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Fall Shoes

I love boots. I hate the fact that you can’t get half-decent boots in Pakistan, therefore coming across boots while browsing through online catalogues leaves me all eyes-glazed-slightly-drooling…oh well…

Still, look at these boots. They is so cool, naheen? They’re all rocker chick with the zipper and the turned down bit. How pwetty?!?



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Louboutin – Fall Collection

OMFG! Check out some of my favorites from the Louboutin Fall Collection







Eeeks!! I want I want I want I want!!

June 20, 2009 at 8:30 pm 2 comments


Seriously, these shoes are hot! However, I can understand how they would be a complete waste unless you’re wearing a skirt as well. Regardless, thanks Elle Shoe Blog for another great post.

6a00d834527a7669e201156ff2320c970c-800wiYves Saint Laurent

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MHT: Payless Gladiators

Alright, so not exactly these shoes, but I really need to get gladiators.

6a00d834527a7669e20115709c5cc6970b-800wiPicture courtesy Elle Shoe Blog

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MHT = Must Have These


First up in line are these absolutely beautiful Louboutin’s. I don’t know why I like them, but they are so pwetty. Of course, they cost, like $800, so I will have to starve the rest of the year to afford them (by which time they will probably be out of stock, and out of fashion)


And second, more Louboutin’s (the spring collection ‘09). So fierce!!

BGX0BGU_mtThere’s more on the wish list, shall update soon.  Must go procrastinate some more.

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