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You know you are Toilet Training a cat when you feel…

Anticipation... this is going to be fun!
Stupidityc this is going to be easy.
Excitement... mine can do this, see how so many other cats can do it.
Questioning... How clean is clean? 
Weary... this is getting hard.
Doubting... This is a silly idea
Boredom....this is getting old
Disappointment...Why are they having mistakes?
Angry…I have done everything, why wonft they go #2?!
Frustrated... I have bought/made every contraption, they still defy me.
Apprehension... They are doing this on purpose to upset me.
Defeated…how hard can this be?
Doubt…Iam failing toilet training school
Determination... I have the opposable thumbs. 
Shocked…He nearly did #1 in the shower as soon as I stepped out of it!
Cunning... I brought out the 'big guns', CRATES/motion sensor!
Grateful…Thank heavens for some respite from the cleaning
Relief…I need sleep! I'm not getting up for them tonight.
Cruising... Waiting to see what happens now
Disgusted…litter is EVERYWHERE!  And hating litter on the floor is my reason for TTing!
Ecstatic...he's standing on the seat and going! I talking about my cat's bowels too often? 
Relieved...coz the house always smells clean for visitors. 
Smug...coz I flush and it's done.  No LB to clean, no heavy, expensive litter to buy and lug home.  
All those nay-sayers are home scooping #2, and I'm NOT. Who has the last laugh? :0
Taken from the Yahoo Group – Cats Toilet Training (yes, I am a member of a group on how to train cats to use the toilet.)

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Toilet Training Progress

Warning: Do not read this if you don’t want to know more about the toilet habits of my cats, and/or see a cat go #1 in the toilet.

Ok…so following the success of the introduction-to-bowl-in-toilet, I waited a few days before making the first hole in the bowl. It was about the diameter of a toilet roll and both Charlie and Tyler, after a lot of poking their paws down the hole to see what was in it, accepted it. Great.

A few days later the hole got bigger. The guys started looking a little worried. Pretty soon their heads would fit down the hole and they would do so with great excitement because they could now see water under the bowl and that was just plain weird. Still, things progressed.

At this point the hole is pretty big. The bottom of the bowl is still there, basically some area around the edges remains. That’s where all the litter is. The center of the bowl is a big gaping hole that both Charlie and Tyler like to poke their head into and put their paw into to get to the water. Weird behavior for a cat. They don’t like doing their business on the contraption, but they love playing with it. Every day I spend about half an hour per cat convincing him to use it for #2 (#1 is not an issue, they use it happily for that).

I think the reason is that they don’t really feel comfortable balancing on the toilet seat (which Charlie does pretty well now) but I have been told that this fear and discomfort will fade with time. So for now, this is the stage we are stuck at. If you want to watch a video of what Charlies looks like going #1 on the toilet, watch it below. 

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Toilet Training: Continued

Today is a historic moment. Today, Charlie did #1 on the toilet, with only a small litter box between him and the water below. 

Now I know there’s a lot of people out there who’ll be like, “why is she telling us this!” but I feel like shouting this from the rooftop, it’s that exciting for me! 
Firstly, my room stinks right now. I know this is disgusting. I actually love neatness and clean places. I think my favorite thing in the house is a squeaky clean kitchen. The kind where you can see your reflection in metallic surfaces, and sit on the floor and read books. So having my room, not to mention my bathroom, stink is the worst part about having cats. I absolutely hate it! I’ve gone through cans of air freshner’s in just a week, so I can’t imagine living like this forever. 
Secondly, I have to get the litter changed every 24 hours, which involves either stealing sand from our neighbour’s in-the-process-of-being-renovated house, or buying litter, which is just painful (paying for dirt, really?!). 
Therefore, this toilet training business seems very cool. Basically, the cat uses the toilet, and someone just needs to fluck afterwards. No stink, no mess, no litter. Awesome. 
All these websites I looked at, including a toilet-training support group for cat owners (I kid you not!), said it would take months and months. There are people who’ve been training their cats for years (yes, years!) and have not progressed much further than raising the litter box to the toilet’s height. I was expecting I would still be at this when the entire tubbar came in for summer vacations, imagining the jokes (at my expense) not to mention the cats completely forgetting all they learnt during summer vacation. Not very motivating, I must admit. 
Anyway, after slowly moving the litter box to the bathroom, then moving it to the height of the toilet, and finally moving it on top of the toilet, I asked Baba to help me figure out what kind of bowl to put in the toilet (considering I need to cut holes into it’s bottom later). 30 minutes ago Itook the bold step of putting litter inside the bowl and putting it in the toilet (disgusting to think about, but the only way to train the cat). Right after I did this, Charlie came strolling into the bathroom, jumped on the toilet, and after some persuasion, did his business in the bowl. Yay! 
Of course, Tyler hasn’t accepted the new contraption yet, but as he has less issues with changes of the two I think he’ll come around eventually. He probably needs time to digest all the food he ate today (both his and Charlie’s) before he attempts to balance on the toilet seat. Fatty. 

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Toilet Training #1

Before I got the two kittens I went to every website/blog to better understand how to take care of them. Cats are a little (!!) more high maintenence than dogs so I knew I’d need to be prepared or I’d have two brats on my hand pretty soon. Anyway, the interesting thing that I discovered was that having a litter box in the house is NOT the only option as far as #1 and #2 go for the cats. That’s when I started digging deeper into the whole “toilet training a cat” kind of blog posts.

Anyway, now that the kittens are here, settled in (including having approved the latest recipe for homecooked food) I figured it was time to take the plunge. With 4 blogs guiding me, I started taking the necessary steps to get them trained to use the toilet like we do (sans the book reading, of course). 
Today was day 2. I started yesterday by moving their litter box into the bathroom. Today the litter box is on top of my (closed) toilet. Once they’re used to this, we shall progress further. The only annoying thing today was that they didn’t know how to get to the litter box (there’s a low stool next to the toilet they need to jump on first) so I had to pick them up after every few hours and put them in myself. After doing this four times, I figured I needed to get them to be more independent so using a toy, I made them jump to and from the litter box a couple of times. Hopefully there won’t be any presents waiting for me outside the litter box when I wake up in the morning. 

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